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HAJ HAUWA MUHAMMADFunctions of the Unit:

• To assist in promoting the corporate image of the hospital.
• To establish and maintain a cordial relationship between the hospital staff and community at large.
• To inform the general public about the services rendered by the hospital and how to obtain them.
• To establish and maintain effective communication between departments in the hospital.
• To disseminate information on the activities taking place in the hospital.
• Enhance media relations with the hospital.
• Assist in organizing hospital events.
• Handle the production of bi-annual AKTH News Magazine and monthly news bulletin (Newsflash)


Staff Position:

• Deputy Director Information - 1
• Principal Information Officers - 2
• Senior Information Officers I - 5
• Information Officers I - 3
• Information Officers 11 - 2
• Chief Information Assistants - 4
• Senior Information Assistants - 3
• Chief Telephone Supervisors - 2
• Senior Information Assistant - 1
• Telephone Supervisor - 1
• Chief Clerical Assistants - 2
• Clerical Assistants - 2


Internal Publicity:

Vital information continued to circulate across the hospital through memos and circulars posted on the over 40 notice boards within and outside the departments of the hospital. The hospital’s monthly publication “Newsflash” also continued to keep staff informed on the happenings in the hospital. Pictures of events within and outside the hospital were displayed in the show glass at the Admin Block, as well as on the digital photo frame.

External Publicity:

The Unit has continued to maintain the cordial relationship existing between the hospital and the media within and outside the state for public health news. The Hausa public health enlighten programme “Aikin Likita” and “Sirrin Lafiya” aired on freedom radio and Abubakar Rimi Television (ARTV) continued to boost publicity on the hospital services.


In an effort to enhance media relations and tackle the challenges faced by some journalists when they come for public health enlighten news, focal persons were appointed at the hospital by Heads of Department. These focal persons were saddled with the responsibility of talking to the press or linking them with relevant specialist at any time’’, through the information unit. 


The unit continued to receive and accommodates the Hospital Guests into some hotels and guests house within and outside the hospital. During the year under review the following guests were received;
• Members Governing Council of Bayero University, Kano.
• Professor O.K. Alausa Sessional Consultant to Department of Community Medicine of the Hospital.
• Professor Joseph Otubu visiting Consultant to Department of O&G.
• Members of West African Division of International Association of Pathologist were in the Hospital for external quality assurance workshop.

• Various accreditation panels from both West African College of Surgeon, West African College of Physicians, and National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria for the purpose of training in various Departments of the Hospital.

Staff of the telephone room have continued to facilitate internal and external telephone communication. The hospital’s intercom lines have been increased from 500 lines to over 700, almost covering all the offices, wards and service areas of the hospital.

The Hospital Radio has been an avenue for airing of announcements, health programs, news and entertainment.A Behinger Mixer was procured and installed to allow mixing of programs from the radio receiver, the laptop computer, the CD player as well as the microphones.The equipment upgraded the radio system.
There are seven SERVICOM Desk Officers stationed at the service areas of the hospital and are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that effective and efficient services are being rendered by staff of the hospital and the patients are guided accordingly.The SERVICOM Desks are located at the following designations:

• G.O.P.D
• A & E
• Dental/Ophthalmology
• Radiology
• Labour/SCBU
• Specialty
• Specialty Annex
• Main theatre
Below are some of the activities carried by the Servicom Desk Officers:

With the intervention of Servicom Officer the number of patients to be seen for scanning was increased from 60 patients to 100 per day. With the servicom’s complain to the head of department on long appointment giving to patients, the HOD considered the complain and directed that patients for scanning should get the service at the same day without any appointment

• Complains received by the desk officer of speciality clinic are missing lab results, missing folders and long waiting time to see a Doctors.
• Missing results was discussed with the staff responsible for dispatching the result and a memo was forwarded to the Hospital Management.
• Staff responsible for collection of lab results were cautioned to desist from sending patients/relatives to the main lab for collection of lab results.
• Missing files was also discussed with the HOD Records and action has been taken.
• Record officers were advised to be retrieving patient’s folders in good time,
• Samples collected were also processed on time.

Problems encountered at the GOPD result collection centre has reduced as staff from each department/unit of the lab has been posted to the GOPD lab result center to issue results and with the help of SIWES students. A number of patients to be seen at the GOPD Clinic has been increased to 230 per day on the average.
Problems encountered at the theatre in 2017 are postponements of surgeries as a result of patients’ condition, inability to make payment for the surgeries as at when due, and long booking for the surgery. An officer intervened and explained to the patients to understand the reason for the postponement of the surgery. He also resolved the issue of payment for the surgery of about 35 patients, long booking was also resolved. 

Pictures snapped during the year under review were as follows;
1) Clinical Presentation by Community Medicine on 25th January,2017
2) Clinical Presentation by Chemical Pathology
3) National Environment Standard & Regulations Enforcement Agency 20th January,2017
4) Nigeria Centre for Disease Control 12th January,2017
5) Electrical Medical Record (QMS) 2nd February,2017
6) Accreditation Visit to Community Medicine 21st February, 2017
7) Accreditation Visit to Faculty of Dentistry (Dental) 9th February,2017
8) Visit of US Ambassador to Nigeria 15th February,2017
9) International Epilepsy Day 13th February,2017
10) National Association of Nigeria Pediatric Nurses (NANNM) 2nd February,2017
11) Face Maker Surgery 12th February,2017
12) Asim Academics (Excursion) 15th March,2017
13) ENT World Hearing Day 3rd March,2017
14) World Epilepsy Day Celebration at Maitama Sule School 27th March,2017
15) World Glaucoma Day 13th March,2017
16) Centre for Ethics & Self value orientation (CESVO) 25th April,2017
17) BUK Management visit to AKTH 18th May,2017
18) Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with AKTH and Primary Health Care Kumbotso 23rd June,2017
19) Accreditation of Family Medicine 11th June,2017
20) Management Visit to Tudun Maliki 20th July,2017
21) Ruwatsa Community & Social Development visit 15th March,2017
22) Tender Opening 14th July,2017
23) A Delegation of Hematology and blood transfusion 21st August,2017
24) Access bank visits AKTH 24TH August, 2017
25) African Sepsis Alliance Stop
1 Sepsis 12th September,2017
26) APSSON 5th August,2017
27) Management’s visit to Tudun Maliki 4th August,2017
28) Pathology faculty Day 8th August,2017
29) Radiology Faculty Day 8th August,2017
30) President National Post-Graduate Medical College of Nigeria visit CMD 7th August,2017
31) Donation of Ambulance 14th August,2017
32) Sustaining breast feeding campaigning NAN PAN National Association of Nig. Paed. Nurses, AKTH 7TH August,2017
33) Annual Scientific Conference 2nd September,2017
34) Clinical Presentation by Family Medicine 18th October,2017
35) Courtesy visit by the Chairman of Kibiya Local Government 15th October,201
36) Sudanese Free Surgery, 2nd October,2017
37) Verification of Ghost workers 5th October,2017
38) 2017 CMD Soccer 28th November,2017
39) BUK Centre for Disease Research 30th November,2017
40) Tender Opening 6th November,2017
41) School of Management SHIM 6th November,2017
42) AKTH” Maulud” Celebration 17th December,2017
43) Send forth for Corpers (Audit) 8th December,2017
44) Election for Joint Association of People with Disability 9th December,2017
45) Professional Lecture by Nigerian Institution of Public Relations 30th December,2017
46) Servicom Lecture 20th December,2017



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